Flat Defence

category: Defensive-Patterns

Players line up together along the line of the 1st set of cones. On the signal of the coach all the players advance to the 3rd set of cones (20 meters...

Race To Cone - 3 V 2

category: Decision-making

One ball and 6 cones. 15m x 15m. Setup the practice as shown. The first two players run up to the half way line of the grid and place the ball down b...

Catch Me If You Can

category: Tag-Rugby

Up to 10 in a group. Each player should have a tag belt. Each player partners up with someone and then stand side by side. On the coach's call the pl...

Rugby Tennis

category: Passing

Tell you players the following...... There will be two players on one side of the middle line of cones, and another group on the other side. They w...

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