Rugby: The Berlin Wall

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Heather, Rugby Coach


  • Tell the players that when you touch the shoulder of a player, they: have to go into the center of the circle, pick up the ball, and try to break out with the ball. The circle must close the gap left by the player that has went into the circle, and bind tight to try and stop the player from leaving.
  • IMPORTANT: The players in the circle must stay bound and cannot use their arms or knees to stop the player trying to exit. The player trying to exit cannot attack the smallest player, nor can they attack sensitive areas of other player's bodies. There must be a sense of fun. The ball carrier should attack the space between the players that are bound on, that space will be very small indeed.
  • The coach walks around the circle taps a player on the shoulder, and lets the fun begin. If the player gets out - well done them. If not, let them rejoin the circle and the select another player.
  • Don't spend too long on this - but the players should enjoy it.


Don't feel that you have to use all or any of the following coaching points, you may have some of your own.

  • Players must play this game with a sense of fun and playfulness.
  • Ball carrier should carry the ball in two hands, attacking space.
  • There should be evidence of teamwork in defence, and communication.
  • Defenders should judge where the attack is going to happen, and close up accordingly.
  • Attackers drive through the contact, pumping with their legs.
  • Attackers move the ball away from the contact towards their hips.
  • Players respond quickly, understand their roles.
  • Leaders provide encouragement.
  • Players should be protective of one another.



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in more ways than one


3 Touch Kick

Split your players into two teams, giving one group of players a set of coloured bibs to set them apart, and quickly tell your players the following laws: We will be playing a rugby league style touch. When touched: set the ball down, stand over the ball, allow the scum-half to move the ball away from the point of contact. The defenders should stay on side following a touch, and should not compete for the ball. Any infringements in defence should result in the defending team conceding 10 Meters or possibly giving 1 or more extra touches to the attacking team. I'll leave this to your judgement depending on your team's age, skill level, and your session target/s. The attacking team can sustain three touches before they have to kick. Their kick should be as it would be in the game: a kick to touch, a kick for territory, or a kick that can be regained e.g. a grubber kick. The defenders should behave as they would in a real game. Quick put in's from the touchlines replace lineouts. Defenders who take the ball from an attacking kick should counter attack. A forth touch results in a turn over. The Scrum Half has a maxium of 5 seconds to move the ball from the point of touch. A ball kicked directly to touch from outside the attacking teams 22, or where the ball has been taken into the 22 by the attacking team and then kicked into touch - will result in a turn over with play starting on the five meter line closest to where the kick was made. The defence should be 10 meters back. A ball kicked from inside the attacking teams 22 can go directly to touch, as long as the attacking team did not carry the ball into their own 22 before the kick. The resulting put in will be to the opposition from where the ball has went into touch. Quick put-in's are enoucraged, if not possible the ball is played from the 5 meter line with the defence 10 meters back. Give points for quick put ins that work. Feel free to play with any of noted laws, let us know the law variations that work for you!

Warm Up


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