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Tips for teaching kids to pass?

Tips for teaching kids to pass?

Under 7's: Posture, feet position, ball holding,action, short and long passes.

Any guidance / links to websites please


Try teaching the children these key points for the lateral pass: Key points: • Run straight holding the ball in two hands • Look at player who will receive the pass • Swing arms towards them and follow through • Pass the ball at chest height in front of receiver • Then support the new ball carrier


Aso look at the Key Skills section in

Good luck

Angus, I found a fun way to install the correct direction of passing to mini's is to have them pretend to be cowboys. The hand is a gun and must be pointed at the target, get them to quick draw a few times. Then get them to hold a ball in their hand against their hip. As they move their hand as if drawing they should hold the ball just over the half way back. As the hand moves forward the ball leaves the hip and goes in the direction the hand is pointing. Get the players to keep their hands pointing after the ball has gone and this should show them that if the hand is not pointing at the target then the ball will not go there. Development then onwards to two handed passes and then movement. Hope this helps Rod

thanks fellas

Angus, Just to back up some of the above: Reinforce getting them to look at where they want the ball to go and not just throwing it away. Good luck, I worked with the P1-P3 group at our club for a couple of years and the phrase 'herding cats' often comes to mind! Great fun though. Bob

Hi, currently coaching under 8's. Get a few tennis balls out and get them to throw and catch. They will (mostly) instinctively watch where the ball goes.

When that is going ok go with Simon's comments above, also like the quick draw method (you might want to bring the reference up to date though) A nice fun drill is to get them all in a large circle a couple of meters apart and get the players to pass around the circle, first one way and then the other.

Progress to the first player to pass then runs around the outside of the circle to see if they can get to their place before the ball gets there.

Herding cats is right :)  so don't spend very long on anything and base everything around a game, so if you have enough do two circles and race each other. Ten mins max.

Then progress to 3 players running and passing along the line first one way and then back. get them to walk then run, channel cones might be useful.

I would suggest all passes are short, but could introduce the idea of a missed pass

Key Factors: Two hands face forward (towards opponent) look at the target (receiver must make a target, and call) swing hands across body follow through

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