Breakdown Touch Game

category: Match-Related

Rugby Breakdown Touch Game Match Related Set up an area for a normal game of touch, with teams split evenly Play goes as normal, but when there is aÂ...

1 On 1 Breakdown Skills

category: Ruck

Rugby 1 on 1 Breakdown Skills Ruck Fun game 1 v 1 game to improve skills on both sides of the breakdown. One player lies face down either side of a t...

Technical Work At The Breakdown

category: Ruck-Clear-Out

Rugby Technical work at the breakdown Ruck Clear Out Players start face down, on the coach's whistle players get to their feet to contest the contact...

Breakdown Wrestling

category: Contact-Skills

Rugby Breakdown Wrestling Contact Skills Move 90 degrees round covering the ball and holding with one hand. Outreach to present the ball with both ha...

Breakdown Technical Work

category: Contact-Skills

Rugby Breakdown Technical Work Contact Skills tackle sausage Place 2 sausages perpendicular from eachother in a T shape. Have one player line up a ...

Breakdown Technical Work

category: Ruck-Clear-Out

Rugby Breakdown Technical Work Ruck Clear Out tackle sausage Place 2 sausages perpendicular from eachother in a T shape. Have one player line up a ...

Web Videos

The breakdown: world cup contenders

The Breakdown crew takes a deeper look at the All Blacks Rugby World Cup squad and check in on the form of the top nations from around the world. Tune...


Improving Rucking Technique

React the quicker and get on the front foot in attack with this session, by improving their rucking technique!

Phase Play and Continuity

Continue to build the phases in your play and get your team working as an unit to offer support with this session!

Contact Work - Bounce, Jackal, Fire

Contest for every ball and cause a turnover with this session by focussing on both defensive and attacking breakdowns. Work on the jackal and bounce i...


Community Drills

Ruck - Clearing players at Breakdown

(a)Both teams start onTeam w/ ball player straddles tackle bag and defends ballOther player in and clears player out Clear out w/Roll(B)Use tackl...

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Breakdown decision making.Contest over the bags. Winner then presents the ball. Team mates then decide to either pick and go or protect the ball....