Rugby Drill Demonstration


  • 2 teams. 
  • Half pitch 
  • Ball 

- A normal game of touch, however with conditions. 

- When a touch is mae the attakcer must go down and complete a long placement.

- The toucher must run and touch own tryline before continuing play. 

-A Second attacker must come over in a short period of time and secure the ball. 

- If a defneder manages to gewt to the ball before a attacking player secures it, it is a turnover.

-Then play away. 

Coaching points

  • Attacker must work on the long place 
  • Attacking players must communicate when the attacker goes down.
  • Support player clears - low body height - Spider crawl. 
  • If there is no defensive threat around the breakdown, you can do a pop of the floor to keep the game alive. 
  • "POP" "HOLD"

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