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Drill to practice defensive organisation when the kicker must put their teammates onside.

Set up a grid roughly 30m long and 30m wide.

Set up three players in a line out with a scrum half 2m away and a kicker roughly 10m away (red players).

Roughly 20m along the touchline set up a group of players (blue) ready to receive the kick and counter attack.

One player in the line out passes the ball down to the scrum half who passes to the kicker. The kicker kicks the ball upfield, and runs to chase. The players in the line out can only defend once the kicker has run past them.

The group of players receiving the ball (blue) gather the ball and begin to counter attack, aiming to score on the try-line behind the defenders (yellow cones). The defenders must organise themselves to defend and stop the attack by making a two handed touch on the attacking ball carrier.


Practice doing high kicks and long kicks to give the defending players an idea of how much time they will have to get organised.

Overload the players receiving the ball (blue) to have more players than the defenders

Allow the attack to offload instantly after the touch has been made

Allow the attack more than one phase to attack so the defence must practice re-organising after a breakdown.

Coaching points

Emphasise the offside rule - players from the lineout should not advance until the kicker has put them onside.

Drill tags: attack, defence, kicker, kicking, line out, offload, overload

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