Rugby Drill Demonstration


  • Ball 
  • Tackle Suits 

Players around the outside pass the ball around with eachtoher until coach blows his whistle. 

Whoever has ball in hand then attacks the defender in the middle. 

The two players closest (1,2) become the clear out players with the attacking player with the ball. 

The 3rd layer on the outside becomes the Jackler, after the player in the middle has made a low chop tackle. 

Coaching points

Ball carrier 

  • Uses footwork
  • Lands on top of ball
  • Long placement. 
  • Looks after the ball.

Clear out

  • Low body posotion.
  • Target leavers (arms/legs) 
  • Duck and through.
  • Identify threat. 
  • Identify corect technique - Smash or roll. 
  • Stay on feet 
  • Duck and smash - Low to high 
  • Bend from hips 


  • Foot position 
  • Stright back.
  • Head and chest over ball. 
  • Release the tackle. 

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