Rugby Drill Demonstration


Working in groups of up to 4, players spaced approximately 4-5 metres apart.

Players jog to the 1st cone then jog backwards to the start line. Still running as a line they then jog to the 2nd cone and so on to the 4th cone.

Coaching points

Key points:

Keep level and aligned when going forwards and backwards.

Look left and right to keep aligned.

Work hard to get back to a defending position

Always face the ball and the opposition (hence run back to the line backwards).

Communication is key!


Jogging faster to each cone, finishing with 100% effort sprints to each cone.

Introduce an Scrum Half to simulate the ball leaving the breakdown/ scrum/ lineout, then have the inside defender calling up the defensive line "HOLD, HOLD, HOLD.....PRESS!"

The defensive line should then press as soon as the Scrum Half picks the ball up.

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