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  • Fun game 1 v 1 game to improve skills on both sides of the breakdown.
  • One player lies face down either side of a tackle tube (players in 'head to toe' position).
  • The coach stands at the end of the tube with the ball and taps it on the back of one of the players. That player is then 'in possession' of the ball and the ball is on the ground on one side of and against the tackle tube.
  • Players then face off from each side of the tackle tube.

Coaching points

  • The player without the ball is trying to tackle/drag/do whatever they can (legally!) to get the opponent away from the tackle tube.
  • The player with the ball must try to keep a solid rucking position, with bent knees, to prevent the opponent from pulling them away.
  • This is emulating a rucking situation at the breakdown.

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