Power Jumps

category: Interception

Players work in pairs, with one ball between them. Facing each other the player without the ball drives forward, taking 5 steps forwards and then 5 st...

Jumping Intercept 2

category: Interception

Player 1 has the ball. The middle player takes two steps forward to receive a high ball from player 1. He feeds the ball back to player 1 and then mov...

Double Handed Flick To Wall Plus Jump

category: Wall-drills

When ready jump upwards and push/ flick the ball to the wall using both hands. The land and bend both knees before then jumping again in time for the ...

Jumping Intercept

category: Interception

2 balls. The middle player faces player 1 and jumps to receive a high pass. The middle player then turns and receives another high pass from player 2.

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