Three Foot Marking: Stop giving away penalty passes!

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Three feet marking is the bread and butter of your players' defensive game and something which should become second nature if your players want to avoid giving away penalty passes.

What's in the Session?

To teach players how far to stand when marking we start with some simple pairs drills, ideal for young players, teaching them to retreat three feet and put their arms up.

Once they've got the hang of jumping back and judging the distance we then put the skill into a game situation by practising getting your hands over and cutting out the pass before finishing with a conditioned game that rewards the defence.

Rules recap: Three feet marking

When a player has the ball the opponent must be at least 3 feet (91.44cm) away. Failure to do so results in a penalty pass. The obstructing player must stand beside the player taking the pass (who doesn't need to be the player that was obstructed).

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