Numbers Game - Quick Passing Attack

category: Small-games

Have two evenly numbered teams lining up on either side of the netball court. To start the drill call out a number. Upon hearing the call the first pl...

Cones - Run/Balance/Shoot

category: Shooting

Feeder starts on the edge of the circle. Worker 1 runs around a cone, drives into the circle to receive the ball before making the shot. Rebound, fe...

Pass And Move In Opposite Direction

category: Passing

Players pass the ball clock wise. After each pass the player runs to touch the cone of the player in the opposite direction they passed to and then ru...

Tired Shooting

category: Shooting

Players must sprint from one cone to another as fast as they can, making sure they bend down and touch each cone.After the final cone they should driv...

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Community Drills

Little t drill

Players start at the bottom blue cone go into the middle yellow cone, touch it.side step to the left red cone, touch it.Side step across to the right ...