Intercepting The Pass

category: Interception

White 1 is defending and must try to be first to the pass from the feeder (blue 1).

Blue 2, the attacker, is not allowed to step in front of...

Web Videos

Netball presentation

A presentation outlining some rules and facts about netball. Aimed at beginners or people wanting to get back into netball and need a reminder of some...

The rules of netball - explained!

Ninh explains the Rules of Netball, the most popular female only sport played worldwide. A beginner's explanation of Olympic Netball Rules. Watch this...


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Zone Defence for Beginners!

Develop your young players' ability to work as a team - denying space and pressuring their opponent to win back possession!


Protecting Space for Beginners

Can your juniors hold their space when attacking? Use this session to teach them how to hold off defenders and create more space to move into and rece...



Community Drills

Defensive Circle Movement Practise

Simple drill that is useful for both beginners, to encourage them to get their body and running angles correct, but also more advance players to build...