Getting Free for Beginners

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Use this session to develop your player's getting free ability, to help them lose their defender and maintain possession!

To get your players thinking about how to get free this session (for beginner to intermediate players) focuses on angled drives.

From warm up to final game your players will be dodging and driving into space, trying to leave their marker rooted to the spot!

What's in the Session?

We open with a fun game of Bulldog before then developing players' attacking skills - starting with a 2v1 practice where players will need to communicate and work hard to keep possession from the defender.

We then move onto an explosive two part angle drive exercise - getting players to practice landing on their outside foot and pushing off to drive. If your team have worked hard then you can reward them with the final modified game.

We hope you enjoy this session and let us know how it worked with your team in the comments below!

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