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Any fun tips on teaching beginners the positions on the court ??

The girls I am coaching have never played before and are aged 6 to 7 years really need some ideas to teach them the positions of the court

I made up an A4 sheet that had seven courts on it (double sided) and next to each court we listed a playing position.  We gave the girls pencils and position by position we coloured in the area that each player could go into.....this happened at the start of our session.
From there we had a warm up and told the girls that the coach was standing in our shooting circle then we called a playing position and the girls had to run to that area (or where they'd line up for a centre pass).  They picked it up pretty quickly.
The only thing that they found really confusing was when we put the patches on them at the end of the session to let them have a half court, they couldn't tell who was on whos team because they were all wearing the same coloured bibs!  Fixed that quickly by borrowing different coloured bibs for the defensive players.  That was something I didn't think would be an issue, but really was......trying to figure out who was their opponent and where they could all go, but having everyone in the same colour wasn't very smart from us.

Lesson learned.

Hope that helps (and makes sense).

With the year Five girls, I coached. I placed one set of bibs on cones in there respective areas on court. To start with, in order for the player to get familar with the position . I would start all players behind the backline and  call positions in order for them to run to ie GS, GA, etc. Then to check knowledge I would call in a random order. Finally to add a bit of competion/fun , the last player to each position is out.  The girls loved it.

Hope, i have explained this ok. :)

i would start with a colouring exercise of a sheet of paper so they can have an idea of where the positions go, and then you could try putting all the bibs in a pile on the side of the court with the ball down the defence backline and tell the girls which end is the defence end and which end is the shooting end, then have 7 players run to the bibs, pick one up andn put it on, then run to the spot on the court where they would start for a center break.  once they get that idea, use the ball at the end of the defence area, and have them pass the ball to the attack end for a shot.  dont worry too much about stepping or the passes ect...just concentrate on that all the players remain onside.  

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