1 Hand Reverse Stick Hit

category: Video-Techniques

Players can use this technique when passing or shooting at goal.

Hold the stick with your palms facing upwards and turn the stick so that th...

2D/3D: Combining Elimination Skills

category: 3D-skills

- Player peforms a sharp change of direction, followed by a stick dink from hockey position, and finish with a one handed lift
- Combining 2D ...

3 Passing

category: Passing-Receiving

Pass the ball around in groups of three.

Before receiving the ball players must make a movement towards the approaching ball and let it roll...

3 Vs 1 - Swap Grids

category: Scoring-on-the-break

Three players with a ball start in the grid furthest away from the goal with one defender in the first grid and one defender in the second grid.

3D Skills

category: 3D-skills

- Carrying the ball in different position
- Working on footwork
- Playing position from red to blue cone
- Sharp roll/turn at first ...

Adding To The Pass

category: Passing-Receiving

Player 1 passes the ball to player 2, who lets the ball run across the body and runs with the ball to the next cone. He or she dummies to hit the p...

All The Way Across

category: Passing-Receiving

Teams of 4 try and pass the ball across the pitch as quickly as possible, not missing any players out.

Each player should at least touch the...

Ball On Ball

category: Eliminating-a-Player

In pairs, both players have a ball. One of the players has to try and make the ball make contact with the other players ball. On achieving this, play...

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Community Drills

Long Sweep / Slap shots

Playing at match intensity, across the 25, pass and follow until final dribble & shot on goal. Race to get all players back to centre line. Run to mee...

PC standard full field setup

Very attacking optionrisk of counter attack if PC not controlledCan become more defensive by dropping back left side attacker