Introducing Players to Passing and Receiving on the Move

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It's important in the modern game that players can pass and receive on the move. In this session we look at how you can introduce your junior players to the skill of passing and receiving on the move.

What's in the Session?

To get the ball rolling we open with some simple running relays, encouraging players to keep a high left elbow and their head up. Once players have been reminded of the correct running with the ball technique we then start to look at running out to meet the pass and receiving on the move before finishing with a fun conditioned game that everyone will enjoy.

Sportplan Tip:

The key to this session working is that the speed of the pass is kept to the level of the players which is why all the drills in this session can easily be adapted to suit the ability of your players, and the speed and distance can be increased once your players grow in confidence and control.

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Session Comments:
Introducing Players to Passing and Receiving on the Move
Calum Boothroyd
England Calum Boothroyd
majority of drills involve either the passer or receiver doing their action statically. I think there should be a progression where both players are moving.
Sportplan 24/10/2012 17:25
Hi Calum, we agree which is why with the exception of the warm up, all the practices in this session should see the passer running with the ball and the receiver moving to meet the pass (although some of the animations might not make this very clear)
Introducing Players to Passing and Receiving on the Move
Colette Mackenzie
New Zealand Colette Mackenzie
Very useful

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