Rounders Drill Demonstration

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Set up:

Split players into two teams (no more than 5v5 - set up several mini-games if necessary). Pitch marked out with 2 goals. Size will depend upon your players' ability and numbers in the group but 20m by 10m is a good starting point.

The Game:

This is an invasion game and the aim is to score a goal by rolling the ball through the oppositions goal.


Roll only to score. Cannot move with the ball, defending team must be a metre away from the player with the ball.

If the ball hits an attacking players' foot in open play the ball is given to the defending team. If the ball hits your team's foot from an attempt at goal then a penalty is awarded. The penalty is taken from behind the half way line and only one player can defend it from the corner of the pitch. On the coach's call of "GO" the attacker rolls the ball and the defender can run across to defend the shot.

Coaching points

Practice getting down low with the head up (good fielding habits).


Change the sending action and combine skill so that players can still roll underarm but can also throw overarm to pass the ball (no overarm shooting).

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