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category: Attacking

Tennis Attacking Attacking - Coach feeds in the ball. - The net player can hit any ball, but cannot go behind the service line. - Rotate after 6 poin...

Attacking Midcourt Balls

category: Attacking

Tennis Attacking Midcourt Balls Attacking This drill should be used to help players deal with easy balls and get them to attack the ball. The coach s...

Aggressive Forehand

category: Attacking

Tennis Aggressive Forehand Attacking Coach stands on the player's side of the court and feeds the ball with the racquet off the ground. Player moves ...

Learn How To Attack

category: Attacking

Tennis Learn How To Attack Attacking Player stands close to the net. Coach feeds easy ball to the forehand side, and the player hits it aggressively ...

Approach And Close

category: Attacking

Tennis Approach and Close Attacking The coach feeds into the service area. -Before the coach feeds Player 1 has to nominate the corner into which the...

Attack And Intercept

category: Doubles-Drills

Tennis Attack and Intercept Doubles Drills -Player serves to deuce court towards feeder and comes to the net. -The first player on the advantage side...

1 High 1 Low - Backhand

category: Attacking

Tennis 1 High 1 Low - Backhand Attacking In this exercise, the coach feeds all the balls to one side. The player's goal is to alternate shots with hi...

Drop Shot Technique

category: Attacking

Tennis Drop Shot Technique Attacking Coach feeds easy balls to the player. Player tries to hit drop shots.

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How to attack the tennis net

Learn how to be fearless, aggressive and successful while at the net with Sportskool tennis coach Brad Gilbert. SportskoolPlus is the number one video...


Strategy to force mistakes

Attack with purpose and work on your player?s tactics with this session, ready to outfox the opposition



Community Drills

Autosave 10096862

The coach feeds an easy ball to the player where he will return a normal safe ball. He will then recieve the next ball where he will progress forward ...

Autosave 1918917

A Serve from the AD side in the middleReturn high ball on the forehand side3th ball attacking highball down the line5th Ball smash

Autosave 21561137

All court drill- one player at a time-6 shots ( 3 def- 4th attack- 5 volley- 6 smash )- play the point out after the smash against two players at base...

Two Shot Transition Drill

Deep feed for groundstroke, short feed for transition, split position at net.Set up with deep groundstroke, attack second ball w/ hop step approach, m...