Passing Width And Pace

category: Passing

Description. The aim of the drill is to develop wide passing. Coaching points. Emphasis an early catch. Players must catch long levers and not bring ...

Fun Catching Reaction Game

category: Passing

Coaching points · Ensure that the players have knees bent, feet just over shoulder width apart · Arms should be slightly in front of body, shoulder...

Seated Start - 6 Vs 4

category: Decision-making

Rugby Seated start - 6 vs 4 Decision making Groups of ten with one ball per group Defenders start bunched sat on the floor Start attackers spread out...

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Varying width defenders make attack react before moving across to other group of attack. Continuous movement..

Receiving and passing at pace

Set up two channels. Player sets off and accelerates to full speed in red cone zone (as indicated by green arrow).Coach (player) static outside channe...

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This drill was for practice in a match situation where the team passes the ball through the hands to the winger who runs, a ruck is formed and the bac...

Wing out BD 1

Phase 1 - Spread the ball wide from lineout / breakdown working to the wide channel to create "go forward".Create width with tiger ball.Wing...