Rugby League Drill Demonstration


Players stand 5 metres apart, only the attacking player moves in this drill, the tackler remains still as their partner approaches.

As the player gets close the tackler should keep their head up and engage the runner with either their left or right shoulder.

Holding around their knees tightly and driving with their shoulder they should allow the player to fall over their shoulder to floor.

Coaching points

Defenders should:

Stay slightly crouched as they wait for tackle, keeping their feet moving at shoulder's width.

Sink hips in squatting action and keep their head up.

Place their foot between the legs of their partner and engage the same shoulder in the tackle (right foot and right shoulder).

Allow the player to fall past you and roll back over the player, pushing down with their hands on the tackled player. Using their hands on the tackled player press (like in a press up) to return to their feet and compete for ball again.

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