Coach as a team

Connect with other coaches within your Rugby League club or school and share best practice. You can easily share coaching plans, allowing more experienced coaches to support less experienced coaches and parents. Get feedback on sessions via comments.

  • Create shared folders which all coaches can view and add plans to
  • Keep all your Rugby League coaching stuff up to date in one place
  • Share and comment on plans on any mobile, tablet or computer

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. With simple planning tools and easy to use sharing options a club or school account is the cheapest way to give all your coaches the benefits of full Sportplan access. Show me more - Rugby League Club Packages / School Packages.

We have used the Sportplan website and software since their inception and they represent an invaluable tool that is available for use by our team of coaches at all levels.

Martyn Cremin, Senior Coach, East Grinstead Hockey Club, England
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