Coaching Tools Questions:

  1. How to find drills, quick save and print
  2. I want to sketch a drill with the Chalkboard
  3. How to use the Session Planner
  4. How do I save a session plan as a pdf?
  5. How can I create animations?
  6. How can I upload video to my Sportplan account?
  7. How to change the size of a session planner image
  8. Changing the background colour on my sketches
  9. How do I delete diagrams from my session plan?
  10. How to change text size in a session
  11. How can I access old sessions?
  12. How do I use the Sportplan Animator?
  13. How to save sessions of the week for later use?
  14. How to convert plans from Microsoft Word
  15. Adding drills to Favourites
  16. Deleting drills from a session
  17. Viewing sessions drills in a Slideshow
  18. Can I sketch over a diagram?
  19. Can I print only the diagrams from a Session?



Sharing Questions:

  1. I want to share a Sportplan drill
  2. How to share a Session?
  3. I want to share a Sketch
  4. How to share a Folder?
  5. How can I publish a Session?
  6. How do I use My Team?
  7. How do I use my club/school's SportsHub folder?