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Great for scrum halves to practice placement of foot and following through with hands.

2 balls, 3 support players, 1 passer

Ted on the ground as if one is feeding from the backhe support players set up a triangle on your given dimensions. The person at the top of the triangle is the feeder for the passer, who will stand one metre from the feeder on the inside of the triangle. The feeder starts with a ball as well as the passer who will start with his ball in the position of a scrum or maul. Once the first pass is made the feeder must immediately place the next ball on the ground for the second pass to go to the next support player. Support players should return the ball immediately to the feeder. Work for a minute and rotate.

Coaching points

Passer starts facing forward, feet shoulder width apart aware of where the pass is going. Approach ball planting appropriate foot next to ball with the other foot stretched out straight with toes facing receiver.

Keep head up, do not let it look down to the ground. Push through the ball and finish with hands facing where the ball is going. Receivers should give a target and can help by communicating effectively between the group.


Move receivers further away to make the pass harder. Let the passer only use one hand to practice stability and technique of the dominant hand.

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Drill tags: maul, passing, receiving, scrum

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