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Drill to practice 3 v 2 attacking scenarios.

Set up a channel 20m long and 15m wide with cones every 10m along the length (red, yellow, green).

Set up 5 lines of players between the first two cones, the two players on each end are the defenders (red), and the three in the middle are attackers (blue).

The ball starts with one of the defenders on one side and that player runs forward and throws a long pass to the defender at the other end of line. He then continues his run around the far (green) cone to defend.

The defender who has caught the ball puts it down on the middle (yellow) cone and continues his run around the far (green) cone to defend.

Once the second defender has put the ball down on the yellow cone the attackers may begin their attack. The player nearest the cone runs to pick up the ball and then they attack the two defenders, trying to score over the line marked by the green cones.



Start from the opposite side to practice passing in both directions.

Reduce the width of the channel to make it harder for the attackers to score

Add a defender to come round late and create a 2 v 1 after the 3 v 2

Coaching points

Identification and communication of space.

Decision making.

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Drill tags: 3v2, attack, channelling, passing

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