category: Defence

Netball Gladiators Defence This drill works best with the full squad (10+ players). One feeder stands at the side of each third of the court (white i...

Follow Your Player

category: Defence

Netball Follow your player Defence Players work in pairs (one defender, one attacker). The court is divided into 3 channels along the length of the c...

Defensive Square

category: Defence

Netball Defensive Square Defence Get into 4's with 1 ball Using cones create a '+' to split your area into 4 boxes 2 players will be feeder - one eit...

Dictating A Centre Pass

category: Defence

Netball Dictating a Centre Pass Defence Set up 3 cones along a transverse line, one in the middle, one at the edge of court and one in between these....

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Defending in netball

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