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  • 6+ players set up in a circle with 1 ball and 2 defenders in the middle. 
  • Players in the circle pass amongst themselves but cannot pass to the player next to them. 
  • Defenders are to work together to intercept the ball.
  • If successful, defenders join the circle and new defenders are in the middle. 

Coaching points

  • Defenders need to talk to communicate who is covering where, where the ball is coming from etc. 
  • One defender should be putting pressure on the pass whilst the other defender is hunting for the intercept.
  • Defenders need to change angles so that they can see the ball and the rest of the circle. 



  • Start with tips being success then progress to intercept and then increase the number of tips/intercepts before they can join the circle. 
  • If players pass to those next to them then include a forfeit. 

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