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Defending Principle: Building a cohesive defensive unit screen Session Thumbnail
Defending Principle: Building a cohesive defensive unit screen

Regardless of the skills of your defenders, without team cohesion, you'll be sure to ship goals. Create a cohesive defensive unit with this defending session.

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Defensive Pressure - Advanced Session Thumbnail
Defensive Pressure - Advanced

Develop your player's ability to dictate their opponents movement and apply pressure to the ball carrier.

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Forcing errors and making interceptions Session Thumbnail
Forcing errors and making interceptions

Develop your player's defensive ability, allowing them to practice their 3 stages of defence in order to force errors and successfully obtain interceptions.

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Maximising interceptions Session Thumbnail
Maximising interceptions

Develop your players understanding and use of fast, accurate footwork to make successful interceptions or force an error.

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Divide your players into 2 teams.

The attackers (blue) have to try and keep the ball, passing from the left side of the playing area and taking it through the defender's territory into the 'restricted area'. Attackers must complete 10 passes before being allowed to enter the restricted zone - if they manage to do this they score a point.

To prevent the attackers from scoring though the defenders have to use the 3 stages of defending to gain possession of the ball.

Coaching points

Set up this drill without giving any coaching points. After they have been playing for a few minutes stop the game and then ask both teams for feedback.

What was the most effective way to gain possession of the ball? When did they use each stage of defending? Why is it important for the whole team to defend? What worked well?


Asking your players to evaluate themselves is a great form of introspection - getting players to think hard about their own game and performance.

Encourage players to be vocal and communicate with each other. Loud defenders are very intimidating and can cause hesitation and uncertainty in their opponents.

Defenders should dictate where they want their opponents to go. Frustrate the attacker.

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