How do I set a defensive zone (ie GA WA C WD GD) and?

How do I set a defensive zone (ie GA WA C WD GD) and?

How do I set a defensive zone (ie GA WA C WD GD) and teach the girls to defend the zone they are in and not go for the ball?

Bill WilsonCoach, Australia
Netball CoachCoach

Hi Bill I'm quite new to coaching but am I right in thinking this? Get girls to work on stage 1 defending, shadowing player, staying ball side, etc and intercepting skills. This way they will be more confident not to chase the ball, they will have the speed, agility and confidence to mark their player/space and knowing they have the ability to intercept or gain a penalty for holding. What do you think?

Ross BirdCoach, Australia

Hi Bill, I agree with the previous response. It sounds like a mid court zone defence you are referring to where 5 defenders are allowed in the centre third compared to only 4 players in the defensive third and hence can create more congestion for the opposition to tackle with less space for them. If so, make sure the girls quickly run back to the centre third and take up their positions once the opposition have control of the ball in their defensive third. Only your GS needs to defend the actual throw in that third. If the thrower is to the left, your girls should move a little to that side of the centre third court etc. Arms help up high and wide should make it look difficult for the opposition to find space to run into to receive a pass and they may get caught for held ball. Once an attacker enters the centre third, your girls near to that player should be alert, ready to intercept a potential pass but don't move too early and create space on the other side for another attacker to run into. With 5 players defending each one can move sharply to any part of their own protected space to intercept. Your C needs to be quick as she may be involved in most intercepts but make sure your players have periferal vision for each other and their opponent so there are no collisions. It's a skill not taught that much at junior level, the New Zealanders do it a bit more than others, so well done. There are other box zone defences in front of the shooting circle etc but only involving the GK, GD, WD AND C, either in a square or diamond format to learn also. Good luck.

Bill WilsonCoach, Australia

Thanks guys, The tips contained were fantastic, thanks. The hardest part is to take the defend the man equation of out of my kids game when doing this and move to defend a space. Will use the tips above to give it a go. Again Tks

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