Lead Running - Group Practice

category: Movement

Netball Lead Running - Group Practice Movement Players stand in a line spaced down the length of the court and the player at the end starts with the ...

Quick Decisions - Jump And Land

category: Warm-ups

Split your players into two groups and get them to pair up.

  1. The first pair in the line set off and must first choose a hoop to jump and ...


category: Movement

Netball Switch Movement Example GD clears and runs in a crest WD moves to receives ball from GK and passes the ball to GD GD then passes the ball to ...

Street Ball

category: Group-practices

Netball Street Ball Group practices Split your players into 2 equal team (1 team ... wins Netball rules apply - no moving with the ball, defenders mu...

Web Videos


Netball Smart | Warm-up, Dynamic Stretching, Cool-down.


Dynamic Movement Skills

Get your team moving dynamically on court with this attacking session, working on key skills from passing to decision making


Fast and Dynamic Running

Help your players run rings around the opposition with this high-intensity fitness session!


Community Drills

warm up- follow the leader/shooting

half of the kids are doing follow the leader on half of the court doing some dynamic movements, while the ppther half do some shooting. they do this f...

Warm Up: Push Off

Players start at the base line and run up the middle to the black cone. They then clear out to the green cone and use there change of direction throug...