Passing Coordination 2

category: Passing

Netball Passing coordination 2 Passing Three feeders stand on a line and start with ... pass to the player without the ball (not the same person who ...

Triangle 2 Vs 2

category: Getting-free

Attacker starts on the top of the triangle and the other starts on one of the bottom corners. They are defended by 2 defenders the whole time. The pe...

Follow Ball - Part 2

category: Movement

Netball Follow Ball - Part 2 Movement Add an extra feeder to the Follow ball part 1 practice and an extra ball as well - in each queue the 1st person...

In Pairs Shooting

category: Shooting

Netball In pairs shooting Shooting 2 players 1 ball 1 post. The player at the top of the circle starts with the ball and passes it to the other playe...

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