Does anyone have any exercises or drills to stop my girls passing to th other team??

Does anyone have any exercises or drills to stop my girls passing to th other team??

Does anyone have any exercises or drills to stop an entire team of girls from passing the ball to the defenders instead of their own team mates...? THey can all throw a pass to each other in training, I've tried adding pressure situations where they have defenders to evade to replicate the real game but in games they cannot seem to get it!

Netball CoachCoach
Netball CoachCoach

I think that you would need to look at the reason why they are passing to the other team. No player goes out to purposely pass to the opposition. There could be someone who is obstructing the view of the passer, There could be members of her own team that is moving too soon or not at all, and once you have ascertained why the pass is going astray you can then work on fixing the problem. eg; if her team mate is moving too soon then you would need to look at the timing of movement issue. If the passer cant see who to pass to then look at what other options are available to her or teaching her the skill of stepping around the defender, if her team mate isnt moving at all then address the skill of driving for the ball or the skill of losing your player. Or finally it might come down to decision making and I teach future ferns and one of the drills we do is get 2 players to face each other and a defense to stand in front, to the left, to the right and behind one of the players at different times. The second player holding the ball faces away from both these 2 players, throws the ball up to herself turns then must decide which side the def is standing on and passes to the free space. The attacker receives the ball and gives back to passer. Repeat. This should make the passer aware of where to place the ball. Hopefully not to the opposition.

Netball CoachCoach

Hi I have taught my yr8 top team and senior team to square off the pass and this will prevent your team from passing to the other team as it shortens the pass, slows down the game slightly so your team can take control and prevents the opposition from intercepting. I use the channels on the full court, make 3 long channels (with cones) and get team to line up with 3 in a row, they jog down passing ball to each other on the whistle the one with the ball stops while one of the other player closest to the ball drives in front to take the pass and once the ball has been passed that player balances the line by replacing her. Just google squaring off drill, should come up. good luck

Graeme PulhamReferee, New Zealand

I have had this problem before. As an exercise use the whole team. Put half the team in bibs & other half not. Get a team member to one at a time to stand about 5 metres away, holding the ball ready to pass but with their back to the rest of the team. Mean while the rest of the team is moving back and forth (left & right) about 5 metres away. The person with the ball turns (on a signal) and has 2 seconds to pass the ball to someone in a bib (or without). This is repeated 5 times for each group member or those with the problem. Each one has to count how many good passes they make. NO effort should be made by others to block the ball at this stage. By doing this at practice and then shortly before the game significant progress can be made here. (this drill was used for Y7 & 8 Girls.)

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