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Add an extra feeder to the Follow ball part 1 practice and an extra ball as well - in each queue the 1st person should have the ball.

Both players with the ball are working together as a team- and must not release the ball until each other is ready.

  1. Worker 1 passes to feeder 1 as worker 2 passes to feeder 2. Both receivers drive out to recieve a square pass back from their feeder.

  2. Worker 1 then passes to feeder 2 as worker 2 passes to feeder 1. They both drive to recieve a square ball from the feeders.

  3. They finally pass to the player working at the front of the queue and the drill continues.

Coaching points

Players need to land 1-2 before releasing the ball.

Encourage players to be ready to recieve the ball with hands out in front, watching the ball and the player.


Players must communicate with one another in order to keep both balls moving effectively at the same time.

Encourage players to move at pace.


  • Increase distance between feeders.
  • Increase distance between lines of players
  • Add extra feeders
  • 1 second time limit on the ball

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