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Split players into groups of 7/8 with 1 ball.

Players stand into 2 lines facing each other with 1 feeder in the middle on their own at an angle.

  1. Player 1 starts with ball, throws to 'Feeder' who sprints forward to recieve the ball on the cone

  2. The receiver lands on 1 and releases the ball on 2 to the player waiting at the opposite queue.

  3. The receiving player then joins the opposite queue. The player at the front now with the ball repeats the process.

Coaching points

Players need to be ready to recieve the ball at all times with hands ready to catch.

Encourage players to keep their landing foot planted and to release the ball.

Players need to be encouraged to step into the pass - this will help players gain power and accuracy in their pass.

Players need to realise the importance of re-offering after one pass and not just standing still.


  • Increase distance between feeder and worker
  • Only allowed 1 second on the ball
  • Vary the types of pass

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