Warm Up Exercise For Vision And Talking

category: Warm-up-Games

Hockey Warm up exercise for vision and talking Warm-up Games Spread your team anywhere inside the half of a pitch. Only give your team 3 balls. You m...

Disguised Pass To The Left

category: Video-Techniques

Hockey Disguised pass to the left Video Techniques Adopt a 'ski position' in possession allowing vision of the ball and the receiving players Look at...

Ball To Right Hand Stick Side Of Gk

category: Goal-keeping

Hockey Ball to right hand stick side of GK Goal keeping where possible the ... eyes (so as not to impede vision) and make the save the stick in the r...

Pass And Receive

category: Warm-up-Games

Hockey Pass and receive Warm-up Games The blue team position themselves tactically around the ... Warm up exercise for vision and talking Drill Thumb...

Name Your Pass

category: Possession

Hockey Name your Pass Possession Players have to name their pass before they give the ball. To encourage vision, introduce 2 balls.

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Overcoming on the ball nerves

6 drills and games designed to improve your players' on the ball confidence and improve their passing and dribbling decision making skills


Community Drills

4v2 possesion squares

split the group into 6s with 2 players in bibs in the middle of the square. The 4 players round the outside have to look after the ball. If the defend...