Transfer the Ball Over Distance to Create Attacks

NEW CONTENT Session 2 of 4 Transferring the Ball Series! Keep your eyes peeled for the next session next week!

Transferring the ball, although not necessarily a forward move, is always an attacking tactic and a great way to create attacks. By shifting the defence and working the ball to manufacture opportunities is a necessity, so develop your players mindset with this session!

Recap the technique to be able to transfer at pace with accuracy. To be able to take advantage of the space to be able to set up an attack, you must be able to pass and receive effectively to stop the spaces from being closed down.

What's in the Session?

The session begins with a thorough physical warm-up and then gets into the stick and ball part of the session with a small drill aimed to make players comfortable in possession to move with forward vision to create the angle to make a pass. The session then recaps the technique to hit and slap the ball around the back.

The main bulk of the session begins by getting the players to recognise when to transfer the ball and when you look forward. Initially, it starts off unopposed, purely looking at how quickly the defenders transfer the ball. Can they beat the pressing attacker and escape out of the gate on the other wing?

Now introduce non-passive defenders and put some game-specific pressure on the transfer to force the passer to add some disguise to their passes and for the receivers to reposition and create the angle for a pass. Finally, finish with a conditioned game which encourages teams to transfer to create attacks through wide positions.

Continue to develop your team's ability to transfer the ball a pace, having covered the basics of the technique and how to take advantage of space.



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