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Transfer the Ball Over Distance Techniques

NEW CONTENT Session 1 of 4 Transferring the Ball Series! Keep your eyes peeled for the next session next week!

Transferring the ball is essential to create and take advantage of space on the field. Look at technique, creating attacks, creating 2v1’s and shifting defences in this transferring series!

Develop the perfect technique in this first session to be able to hit and slap the ball across the field. The technique includes delivering a hard, flat pass to the teammates forehand, plus it encourages players to put some disguise on the pass to beat the pressing players.

What's in the Session?

Naturally, the session begins with a thorough physical warm-up and then gets into the stick and ball part of the session with a small drill aimed to make players comfortable in possession to move with forward vision to create the angle to make a pass. The first practice of the main bulk focuses solely on passing technique, initially teaching the hit technique and developing it into making a weighted pass away from a defender for the teammate to lead onto.

Next, the session introduces making a pass with disguise to eliminate a player pressing against the transfer. The practices encourages players to look long for an A-to-C pass, to then either play short of give the long pass if it’s on. The idea is to maintain possession whilst adopting the correct technique and recognising when to play long and when to keep the pass short.

Finish the session with a conditioned game where players can only hit the ball. This will develop their decision making and force them to use the correct technique in order to make effective passes. Any flaws in technique and decision making will soon be highlighted.

The first serving of the Transferring the Ball series of sessions looks to nail the basics of the hitting technique and how to develop an understanding of when to transfer and how to disguise the pass.



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