Moving with the ball - Improving Dribbling and Scanning

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Hockey is a fast game and you?re never stood still either on the ball or off it. Being able to move with the ball and see the rest of the pitch is a hugely important skill that needs to be developed early on.

Develop your young or intermediate players into ultimate distributors who are constantly scanning the field whilst on the ball. This session encourages players to establish the correct posture whilst on the ball so that they can perform the skill successfully and without injury. It then progresses on through possession in tight areas, to moving with the ball to create a shot, before culminating in conditioned games to put the players movement and vision to the test. By the end of the session, the players will be comfortable on the ball across the field, looking for passes and space to penetrate.

Hockey isn?t a game for those who like a slower pace. As a hockey player, it?s paramount that you are aware of who is around you and where you can pass; so turn your players into maestro?s on the ball with this constructive session.

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