Creating 2 V 1

category: Overload-situations

Hockey Creating 2 v 1 Overload situations Player 1 passes the ball back to the ... The supporting player plays the ball back, first time, into the sp...

Call In Support

category: Overload-situations

Hockey call in support Overload situations Set out the grid as shown with 2 goals either side of the defender. 1 player starts with the ball and has ...

Forward Support

category: Indoor-Hockey

Hockey forward support Indoor Hockey Player 1 runs with the ball through the little slalom and passes the ball to player 3 on the top of the circle. ...

Use The Support To Get Behind The Defence.

category: Movement-off-the-ball

Hockey Use the support to get behind the defence. ... Player 2 runs towards the cones (pretend defender) to turn away from the cones and pass the bal...

Web Videos


Passing Web: Support Play

Complete the Passing Web by getting ahead to re-lead and look for the next pass to sustain attacks and start the process over again.



Community Drills

Connecting in Midfield 2v2

Here the girls will play a 2v2. The player with the ball is taking a free hit and can not more. The defending players will defend until the 23' li...

3v2 Starting From Help Side

Here the players will start by passing the ball to the help side and then deep. The idea of this movement is to get the ball deep but then workout how...

2v2s creating a 1v2

Here the players will play a 2v2 in a small area, the whole idea is to go from a 2v2 into a 1v2 so that they can put 100% pressure on the ball. Whiche...