Training Stations: Improving 2v1 and Scoring Success

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Why did I write this Session?


Last week my team was keeping possession well but every time they had a break opportunity the ball was lost on a bad pass. Most the time the ball was being passed before the defender had been eliminated, which made the interception all too easy for the defender.

When we did get opportunities in the D my players were taking too long to shoot, giving defenders the opportunity to win the ball."

How does this Session work?

So we split the team into 3 groups and set out 3 practices, groups rotate after 20 minutes at each station, and work on their 2v1 skill and shooting under pressure.

The aim of stations 1 and 2 are to get your players to take the defender out of the game before passing to the support player in space. Station 3 improves the speed of shot, to help players get their shots off before the opposition's defenders can make an interception.

Use this session to imrpove your team's success in the attacking third!

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Training Stations: Improving 2v1 and Scoring Success
Jean Rel
Germany Jean Rel
Basic but good practice for your strickers

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