Keeping Possession and Using the Support

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Don't pass and then just stand still - that kills the attacking momentum and gives the opposition time to recover and effectively shut down your chance to attack! Instead in this session we look at ways for your players to keep your attack moving to keep possession!

With particular focus on moving the ball down the left wing this session looks at how you can encourage players to be aware of other players around them and use the reverse turn to pick out a support player who can then run with the ball (without stopping) and continue the attack!

What's in the Session?

To get your players attacking with verve we start a couple of simple pass and move exercises, before progressing the skill in a couple of overload attacking drills - lastly, we finish the session with a fun conditioned game of 'Hockey Rugby', designed to run with the ball and use the reverse turn to look for support.

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Keeping Possession and Using the Support
Jean Relou
Germany Jean Relou
I realy like this one, to use on a high level

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