Switch the ball to create forward space

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In this stick and ball session we get your players to think sideways as they switch the ball to the other side of the pitch, away from the danger area and work on their ability to pass the ball to create space and expose gaps in your opposition's defence.

By running at the opposition's defence you can draw players out of position. Once players have been drawn to the ball carrier, like moths to a light, you can then switch the ball, changing the point of attack and giving a fellow player space to run into.

What's in the session?

To help your players become switching superstars and understand the importance of supporting one another we begin this week with a four corner game. In order to successfully score players will need to dribble the ball from one corner to another without being caught or tackled by the defending player.

After this fun warm up we then start to work on your players' stick work. The first few exercises simply get players working on their ability to receive, rotate and send the ball on its way before then adding a game element to the drills - using the support player to outsmart their opponents.

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