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This is the indoor variant of traditional outdoor field hockey. It began as a pastime for players during the off-season. The key difference between fi...

Passing & Receiving Drills

Passing and receiving are fundamental skills in the game of field hockey and determine the success of your team. The best teams make the ball do the w...


Push Pass Static

category: Practices-For-Juniors

Hockey Push Pass Static Practices For Juniors - Static push pass.


category: Passing-Receiving

Grip: Hands apart but similar 'double V grip' to the hitting technique.

Head: The head should be positione...

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Coaching the Clip Hit

Are your range of passes limited? Do you need to get the shot away quicker? Use the clip hit to add an extra dimension to your game.

Passing while moving down the pitch

JUNIOR SESSION: Although a simple skill to perfect, it is massively effective to keep the momentum in your attacks. Improve your players ability to pa...


Community Drills


TRES ESTACIONES:1- son 4 bochas. la 1ra pase de A a B y desborde de C, delantero amarillo define en aerea chica. mientras ocurre eso, el amarillo que ...

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Individual push pass for accuracy drill.Set up as many sets of cones as there are girls.Each girl gets 5 balls and keeps their own score.After everyon...

Martes 26/02 Push amagado Golpe de D

1.conduccion con escape para definir de derecho2.conduccion pase de push aamagado de izquierda a derecha y de derecha hacia la izquierda.3.conduccion&...

Ent. U16 Ma 24/1

1. Dos bolas, a) área grande, pegada derecho, b) área chica, push. Idem del otro lado. 2. 3x3, si gol, TATETI y después 1x1 c/aproximación para o...