The Final Pass & Shooting/Marking - Leading to Shoot

NEW CONTENT The new Final Pass & Shooting series of sessions gets your team on top of their game in the attacking 23.

  • Recap moderate speed eliminations and develop the final pass after the elimination.
  • Improve understanding of movements of the ball in tight areas to create the passing option.

The final 23 is where you win the game. Making poor connections and a misplaced pass or poor touch in this area cannot be afforded, so make sure your forwards are on top of their game every time they get into the attacking area of the field.

What's in the Session?

After a full physical warm-up, the session recaps some aspects of the elimination series, focussing on the players technique to beat the defender to push the team forward and create the next passing option. The practices recap their weight transfer and the drag away from the defender to eliminate.

The next section progresses the moderate speed elimination practice adding a final pass into the circle. The pass is played into a leading attacker who has to work together with the ball carrier to time their lead to receive the ball on the move to be able to take a quick shot at goal. The practice initially starts uncontested to get the players accustomed to the movement and the basics techniques. It then adds a defender to the session which will encourage the ball carrier and the forward to change where they lead and pass the ball to create a goal scoring opportunity.

The final conditioned game see?s a smaller pitch with the two D?s very close. The tight area will emphasise poor touches and passes, so the basic skills must be sharp to create plenty of goal shots.

Getting the ball in the goal is the most important yet toughest part of the game so give it the attention it demands with this series of sessions designed for play in the final 23.



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