Close To The Wall

Player stands close to the wall and repeatedly hits backhand volleys at the wall, with the aim of the drill being that the ball does not touch the gro...

1 Federer 1 Nadal

The player rallies with the coach using forehand cross court. The player alternates regular follow through (to the left side) and Nadal's follow th...

1 Minute Rally and Swap.

Players work in groups of 3.

Players 1 and 2 rally for 1 minute after which player 2 steps aside and allows player 3 to tale their place.

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Different Use of the Slice

Give your players a helping hand on court, by handing them a whole arsenal of shots to work with, from the slice to the drop shot!

Community Drills

Bryan Brothers Drill

Using only half a court, diagonallly, the two players must hit the ball cross-court to eachother whilst moving up the court. Once the two players reac...

Doubles goalkeeper

Two attackers on the baseline must hit groudstrokes at the two 'goalkeepers' at the net. The aim of the drill is for the two attackers to hit a passin...