Tennis Drill Demonstration


Players serve at the targets shown, taking two balls at a time and serving 1 first serve, 1 second serve at each target.

After a certain amount of time players switch and repeat the same from the other side.

The player with the most targets at the end of the practice wins the drill.

If groups are large, players can take it in turns to serve one after the other, and/or also from the doubles serving positions.

Coaching points

Players should take care, focusing on each serve as if it were a match situation. Rituals and routines should be gone through regardless of how many players are waiting.

The drill can also be set up so that a certain number of targets has to be reached before the players can move onto the next drill, to create a pressured situation.


If you have a third player they can rotate and collect the loose and then rotate after a set number of serves.

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