1/2 Court Lob Start

category: Lob

One player starts on the base line with the other players at the net.The point starts with the player on the base line hitting a lob over the player w...


category: Coordination-Fun-Games

Players hit one ball before running round the court to the other end. Each player gets 3 lives and loses one if they make a mistake, or fail to get ...

One Unit

category: Forehand-Drills

Player imitates forehand stroke, focussing on taking the racquet back with the non-dominant hand.

Threes - One Up, One Down

category: Rally-Drills

Player 1 is working in the whole court and must hit 1 forehand cross-court, 1 forehand line, followed by 1 backhand cross-court finishing with 1 bac...

1 Minute Rally And Swap.

category: Rally-Drills

Players work in groups of 3. Players 1 and 2 rally for 1 minute after which player 2 steps aside and allows player 3 to tale their place. Players 1 an...

Drop And Run

category: Agility-Fitness

The player stands in one corner of the court, with the coach on the opposite side of the baseline. The coach drops the ball from shoulder height and ...

Web Videos

One-armed tennis player

Eastern Christian High School tennis player Gene Hill competes on the varsity tennis team, and is one of Passaic County's top players, and he plays wi...

One legged tennis player (1937)

Sydney, Australia. Various shots of John Paulin a one legged tennis player as he plays a match. Paulin has a crutch under one arm and moves around the...



Coaching Groups Successfully

Coaching groups doesn’t have to be hard! Ensure your players keep busy with fun drills that will improve skills!

Public Drills

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All court drill- one player at a time-6 shots ( 3 def- 4th attack- 5 volley- 6 smash )- play the point out after the smash against two players at base...

Two on one

One players plays against two players the two players can have one at the net and the other at the baseline or both at net or both at baselineThi...

Rally with recovery

The player warms up backhand stroke and works on recovery, and rallies with another player. One player is using only backhand strokes. After each hit,...