Tennis Drill Demonstration


The ball is fed in by the coach, or a waiting player, and players 1 and 2 rally the ball, moving each other around the full court in a co-operative manner.

Players are constructing points but at a slightly lessened tempo and with greater control. Players work like this for 2 minutes, before one player is replaced by player 3, for the next 2 minutes.

The idea is that players are working in this manner for 4 minutes at a time and resting then for 2 minutes until the 24 minutes are completed.

Coaching points

This drill works on concentration and consistency. Players should be looking to make as few errors as possible.

Physically, if done correctly, this drill can be very demanding and builds tennis-stamina for the legs and the lungs!


If the coach wishes, errors can be counted for individual players with the totals being announced at the end of the 24 minutes to make it competitive.

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