category: Ruck

Rugby Pod-Ruck Ruck On the shout of "GO" the scrum half passes to the player on the first cone, who attacks the 1st bag. Once the bag is attacked and...

3 Pod Lineout Lifting - Off The Top

category: Lineout

Rugby 3 pod lineout lifting - off the top Lineout - Aim is to work on the lift and hold, and the accuracy of pass from the top - 3 pods of 3 men stan...

Pod Movement Game

category: Lineout

Rugby Pod Movement Game Lineout Lineout pod of three players line up. Players at the front and back facing inwards towards the middle player. The li...

Working On Lineout Pod Movement

category: Lineout

Rugby Working On Lineout Pod Movement Lineout Lay out four cones in a square. Lineout thrower stands on one cone and three lineout pod players on the...

Web Videos

Shape or pod

2017 The Rugby Championship New Zealand vs South Africa This is new structure attack by New Zealand. Have a look at their 2nd phase, CTB entered in 9 ...


Line Out Pod Exercises

Rise above the rest - In this session we look at how you can get your line-out pods working more effectively.

Lineout Logistics

Don't get pipped to the pass - teach your players to jump and lift safely to help them become masters of the lineout!


Community Drills

Forward Pod Carry

Start with ball carrier carrying to the padsProgression 1, Ball carrier done same as before but partner lactches on to the ball carrier and drives him...

Hammer 2

Work Up the space of a 15m * 15m gridScore as many tries within 5 mins as possibleAs soon as the pad is touched a long present and ruck is createdVary...

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Assuming forwards just ran an orange ball this is how remaining bodies set up. The forwards on the ground will get up and then look for:1. ithe a...