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  • This drill is a race across the pitch or whichever distance the coach deems appropriate.
  • Two teams of four: one thrower, three players in the lineout pod. The front lineout player faces towards the pod, with their back to the thrower.
  • The teams are lined up next to each other, about 5-10 metres apart.
  • The coach shouts GO and each team's lineout taker throws the ball as the pod lift the middle player into the air to catch the ball.
  • Once the ball is caught, the middle player is let down to the ground and they leave the ball on the floor.
  • The three pod players then move to the next spot ready for the next lineout throw.
  • The outer pod players then lift the middle player to the air as the ball is thrown in.
  • If the ball is dropped, the throw must be taken again from the same position.

Coaching points

  • Distances between cones should be to the coaches discretion, but generally around 8 metres (5-10m).
  • Even though the game is a race, make sure the outer pod players focus on lifting the middle player high and straight to give the best chance of catching the ball.
  • The thrower should also focus on accuracy of throw, and not be skewing the throw in an attempt to get rid of the ball quickly.

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